game of thrones

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Hey all, am currently sorting out everything that is lj so could everyone please who is not a mutual friend delete me from their flist a.s.a.p? everything i do is flocked anyway.
game of thrones


keira knightly, nikki reed, rachel bilson, michelle trachtenberg, dakota fanning, smg, minka kelly, willa holland, cruel intentions.

- Please comment if taking or just to be nice :)


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game of thrones

friends cut


I have cut you due to one of the following
a)I feel i don't have much in common with you
b)Comments from both sides are too scarce
c)You haven't updated in a while

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p.s. if i have defriended you this time or sometime in the past, please do me the favour of deleting me off your flist, as it would clean up my userinfo, thankyou.